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Corporate &
LLC Compliance

Enroll in our Lawsuit Audit Protection Service (LAPS) and eliminate your company’s compliance risk.

Lawsuit Audit Protection Service (LAPS)

At Burnett and Associates, we know that most businesses:

  • Don’t know when minutes or resolutions are needed for some of their business decisions.
  • Find it difficult to carve out admin time needed to learn and then properly maintain their Corporate or LLC paperwork.
  • Have difficulty keeping track of all the required city, county and state filing deadlines that can result in late fees and penalties.

We’re here to help. Our LAPS program is the most comprehensive, hands on compliance and recordkeeping program in the industry. Our program will not only secure your Corporate Veil  but free up time for you to focus on your building your company.


Dedicated Document Specialist

Personal contact every two weeks for an entire year by your Document Specialist to ensure proper compliance of your company.

Complete Corporation / LLC and personal business review and assessment.

A complete Corporate/ LLC and personal business review and assessment.

Never miss a another filing date

All important company dates are immediately entered into our system to ensure that state filings and mandatory meetings are never missed.

Unlimited recordkeeping documents

Unlimited documents created and customized for your company. All documents are digitally backed up and stored for your protection.

Continued business education

Including Interactive workshops, webinars, videos and articles.

Eliminate your compliance risk…


Congratulations!  You’ve formed a Corporation or LLC – now what?

When you formed your Corporation or LLC you were given asset protection and tax savings. However, these benefits are only guaranteed if your company follows specific rules of operation. This is referred to as Corporate and LLC compliance. Basically these rules state that your company needs to “act” like a Corporation or LLC. Your company is acting properly when it does resolutions and minutes consistently. Follow these rules and you have all the benefits that Corporations and LLC promise. Disregard these rules, and you could potentially lose all of these benefits.

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Document Reconstruction

Have you been incorporated or an LLC for any number of years and not maintained your minutes and resolutions? Completely eliminate your compliance risk by ordering our Document Reconstruction Service. Your dedicated Document Specialist will work with you to bring your company’s recordkeeping needs completely up-to-date.

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