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My presentations are approved by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy for two Business Law Credits. License/Registration/Certification Number 131004

Business Entity Selection After TCJA
Description: Business entity selection has changed dramatically since The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Prior to the TCJA, the rules for Corporations or LLCs’ were predictable. Depending on the activity of the business, almost all new entity formations leaned toward the S Corporation. Entity selection under the TCJA requires a more thorough analysis of the activity of the business and its owner; profit of the business; phase in and out regulations; C Corporation considerations for phase out businesses; income splitting with multiple companies under 199A; QBI considerations for sole proprietors, partnerships, and S Corporations and LLC’s taxed as S Corporations. We’ll use practical examples to help understand this Brave New World of entity selection.
Lawsuit and Audit Protection Workshop
When you formed your LLC or your Corporation you were given many benefits. You have liability protection and tax breaks that are unique to your structure. However, all those things can be taken away from you if you are not following the rules. Do you know what is expected of you?
As a trial attorney I could take those benefits away from you. Now I can show you how to protect yourself from the IRS and lawyers.
If you think about it, every Corp or LLC’s success or failure is predicated on them being “real”. The manner in which the owner takes money out of their company, the way they pay their taxes and their liability protection are all based on this legal fiction of separation. As a trial attorney, I could pierce your corporate veil because I knew what you didn’t. The IRS under IRC 274 can pierce their corporate veil because of their lack of knowledge on this very same topic. Truly, your entire business future rests with this education.
Asset Protection
Helping You and Your Clients Start Planning Before the Need Arises.
Protect your assets!
Asset Protection through the strategic use of Domestic Asset Protection Trusts (DAPT) can place your assets outside the reach of potential creditors.

No one ever thinks they will be the one to get sued. But if you do find yourself in a lawsuit, you will quickly realize you cannot get out of one very inexpensively.

The United States generates the most litigation in the world! Can you afford not to learn how a trust could protect you and your family?

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