Scott Burnett was featured in Inc. Magazine after being chosen by the National Association of Experts, Writers, and Speakers®. One of a select group of leading professionals across the nation, Burnett was featured in a full-page spread titled “Success Today” that ran in the April 2017 edition of the publication. The National Association of Experts, Writers, and Speakers® was founded to honor entrepreneurs and professionals around the world for their contribution to education, enlightenment and the advancement of business, and they continue to do so by spotlighting professionals like Burnett in the country’s top media outlets.

The Inc. Magazine feature highlights his forward thinking as a business owner by asking him to share his suggestions for successful habits that contribute to professional success. Burnett was quoted saying:

“Be disciplined and consistent with your time every day. Running a business is more than knowing your product or service. Set aside time each week to learn. Be fearless when it comes to understanding new things. Especially when it comes to your tax knowledge. Overpaying taxes robs you of profit! “The more you know, the less you will owe.”

-The Wall Street Journal

Scott Burnett was selected by the National Association of Experts, Writers, and Speakers® to be featured in The Wall Street Journal along with other leading professionals from across the nation. The spread titled “Masters of Success” shines the spotlight on this elite group of entrepreneurs and their gradual route to prosperity. The piece ran in the June 22, 2017 edition of The Wall Street Journal.

In a full-page feature, the National Association of Experts, Writers, and Speakers® recognized Burnett as a “Master of Success” in business. The Wall Street Journal feature highlights Burnett’s forward thinking and recognition as an expert in his industry by detailing his course through the highs and lows of business building. The publication summarized his success with the following:

“Scott Burnett is the CEO of Burnett and Associates, Inc., providing business and tax education to business owners. He is a business coach and a nationally recognized speaker and author. Scott is one of the nation’s leading legal authorities on compliance for Corporations and LLC’s, asset protection and tax reduction strategies for business owners in North America.”