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Why Work With Us

We Are Your Business Owner’s Manual!

Burnett and Associates

Burnett and Associates, Inc.

We have helped hundreds of small business owners
successfully avoid tax complications and liability risk
due to poor company formation choices and
delinquent recordkeeping.

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Are you…

  • The founder of a startup company?
  • Starting or running a home-based business?
  • Opening or running a retail store or restaurant?
  • An owner of multiple real estate properties?
  • A freelancer?
  • A Contractor for creative or marketing services?
  • A Network Marketer or Direct Seller?
  • Startuing or running a manufacturing business?
  • A property manager?
  • Starting or running a small to medium sized business of any kind?

If you fit any of the above, you already know that federal, state, county, city government regulations and rules can be conflicting and confusing. It can be hard to know what is expected of you and how to run your business the right way.

At Burnett and Associates, we provide business education and formation services that ensure business owners have the knowlege and tools available to take full advantage of their company’s Corporate or LLC status.

We have a profound desire to help business owners avoid the pit falls that come along with running and owning a business.

Benefits of Working With Us

Free Consultations

Step-by-Step Guidance

Business Education

Peace of Mind

Consulting from your attorney or CPA can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. We offer free education about entity selection, business taxation, and asset protection.

We assist with filing, tax identifications, and elections. We provide you guidance throughout the process of forming your Corporation or LLC.

Post-formation follow-up, services and free on-going education to ensure you taking advantage of all the tax and asset protection benefits afforded to your company.

We have helped companies in every stage of the business life-cycle and bring their business compliance up-to-speed.