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Starting a Business?

Sole proprietorship, corporation or LCC? All have opportunities.  Do you know what they are?

Already an INC or LLC?

You’ve formed your company, now what? Here’s your quick-guide to what comes next.

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Discover why business owners love to work with Burnett & Associates to form and run their companies.

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What We Know From Business Owners Like You

What we’ve learned from business owners across North America is ….

When you started your business, it’s unlikely you were handed you a business owners manual.  It’s doubtful anyone offered to hand-hold you through choosing your business entity type or the tax benefits available to you.  Sounds familiar?  We’re here to help.

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Company Formation

  • Incorporation & LLC Formation
  • Free Business Name Search
  • Record book + 1 year record keeping
  • Articles
  • Certificates

Incorporating is a smart step for sole proprietors. We ensure you are informed and prepared for the steps after that.

Corporate Compliance

  • Dedicated document specialist
  • Complete Corp / LLC and personal business review and assessment
  • Unlimited record-keeping docs
  • Continued business education

Our LAPS program is the most comprehensive, hands on compliance and recordkeeping program in the industry. Our program will not only secure your Corporate Veil but free up time for you to focus on your building your company.

Business Education

We have a profound desire to help business owners avoid the pit falls that come along with owning and running a business.  When you become a Burnett and Associates client, we do our utmost to ensure you have all the most up-to-date info and tools needed to maximize the benefits you formed your company for in the first place.

Meet Scott

Scott Burnett Bio

Scott is considered to be one of the nation’s leading legal authorities on asset protection and business education for Corporations and LLC’s.

Scott spent much of his early career as a trial attorney who collected millions of dollars in settlements for his clients. He now champions the protection of small business owners from frivolous litigation, and over regulation.  His natural teaching style and his ability to explain complex material in an easy-to-understand, fun and entertaining manner has made him a much sought-after speaker around the country.

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